Laos South Oujiang
TIME:2019-06-17   READER:175

The project is located in the province of Fengshali, Laos, and is the seventh upstream step of the seven-stage hydropower station in Southern Europe. The dam site is located about 3.4km downstream of the NamKhang mouth of the left bank of the southern European river. The power station is 94km from Naino, 309km from Udom, 892km from Vientiane and 752km from Kunming, China (via China's Kinkang Port). Laos has no railways in China, and transportation is mainly road transportation. Highway 13 is Laos national transportation trunk line, passing through Laos from south to north, and can be connected to other countries such as China, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and other countries. The roads and bridges and culverts are of different grades and the pavement is asphalt pavement.


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