Quyang to Huanghua Port Expressway
TIME:2019-06-17   READER:329

Quyang to Huanghuagang Expressway Quyang to Suning Section Project Overview: The project construction mileage is 91.816Km. It adopts two-way four-lane highway standard construction, the roadbed width is 28.0m, the design speed is 120km\h, and the overall trend is east-west. There are 8 intercommunications, including 3 interchangeable hubs and 5 service-oriented interchanges, namely Dingzhou West Interchange, Dingzhou Interchange, Anguo Interchange, Boyo Interchange, and Jixian Interchange, Separate Interchange 1279m\25, and Super Bridge 4238m\ 3 seats, 1307m\6 bridges, 2 service areas, 1 parking area, 2 maintenance work areas, 1 monitoring and communication sub-center, newly added about 10591.03 mu. There are 4 connecting lines in the project, namely Dingzhou West Intercom Connecting Line, Anguo Intercom Connecting Line, Boye Interconnecting Line and Jixian Intercom Connecting Line. The total mileage is 36.553Km, of which 20.99Km is newly built, and the existing highway is upgraded and reconstructed 15.554 Km, an additional area of 1151.38 acres.

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