Yinchuan to Xi'an Railway
TIME:2019-06-17   READER:463

Yinxi High-speed Railway (Yinxi High-speed Railway, West Silver High-speed Railway), also known as the Yinxi Passenger Dedicated Line, is part of the high-grade railway Fuyin high-speed railway in the National Medium- and Long-Term Railway Network Plan. Yinxi High-speed Railway from Xi'an North The station reserved the silver west field, and the parallel Xicheng passengers extended to the northwest. After the airport, the new city, Liquan, and Ganxian turned to the north, passed through Yongshou and Binxian into Gansu Province, and went through Dongning County’s Dongzhiyuan to Qingyang. Qingcheng, going back to the river, passing through the Quzi, Huanxian and Shancheng, over the Yandun Mountain, passing through the sweet water castle into Ningxia, passing through the underground station of Hui'anbao (Sun Mountain), Wuzhong, Lingwu to Hedong Airport, and turning to the west across the Yellow River. In the urban area, along the South Ring Expressway and the Baolan Railway to Yinchuan Station.

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